The Pennine & Scottish French Bulldog Association


Here at The Pennine and Scottish French Bulldog Association we like to arrange a lot of different activities that involve our Frenchies and their owners.

We have regular walks at various locations around the Pennine's and Scotland, where our members and their dogs meet up for a day of Frenchie fun. We arrange shows, from fun dog shows where your dog can sport its latest outfit, to open shows and championship shows. We also like to involve ourselves with the Kennel Club's Good Citizen Scheme, where our four legged friends learn to be on their best behaviour, even though that sometimes can be a bit tricky with Frenchies.

Our members also get invited to attend various talks and seminars, these can be health related, show related or anything else our members tell us they have an interest in learning more about.


Breeders and owners of Pugs, Bulldogs and French Bulldogs can have their dog assessed for BOAS through the Kennel Club’s Respiratory Function Grading Scheme.

Through the scheme, dogs are non-invasively assessed for BOAS by specially-trained vets and given a grade to indicate whether the dog is affected and how severely. Depending on the grade, guidance is given to breeders on how to lower the risk of producing affected puppies, and advice provided to owners to ensure their dog gets the best possible diagnosis, treatment and care to ensure their quality of life. More information and the list and contact details of regionally-approved assessors is available on the Kennel Club website:


Date: March 2020
Venue: Middlebrough Sports Village