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French Bulldog and High Profile Breed List

The KC General Committee will announce shortly that the French Bulldog Best of Breeds and potential Champion dogs will no longer be subject to a Veterinary Health Check at Championship shows following a recommendation from the Kennel Club Dog Health Group. The breed will now move from category 3 classification (High Profile Breeds) on Breed Watch to category 2 with all listed visible conditions remaining in place.

The visible health of the breed will continue to be monitored by the Kennel Club and the Breed Health Co-ordinator will still be required to submit a comprehensive annual breed health report. Judges will also be asked to submit mandatory health monitoring forms after each appointment. The Kennel Club will continue to work closely with breed representatives and offer support and advice with ongoing health and welfare initiatives.

The Kennel Club would like to commend the dedication, passion and commitment of the French Bulldog owners and exhibitors who have participated in health testing for both visible and hereditary conditions. The French Bulldog is a breed pre-disposed to conformational health and welfare concerns, however those who have been involved in the Breed Health Scheme have demonstrated that with responsible ownership, considerate breeding, transparency of information and accessibility of education and advice to owners, French Bulldogs can live long, happy, healthy lives.

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