JUDGE - Mr David Tilley

This is the Coat for our Best in Show winner

BIS CH Tuskaya Akvarel Darian de Trevil Bellicose

RBIS Celticlibrid Breakthru

BPIS Boremlyn Heart Of Glass at Zilnor

BD CH Tulskaya Akvarel Darian de Trevil Bellicose
RBD Gizyjo Rocky Marciano
BPD Eastonite Chocolate Chip
BB Celticlibrid Breakthru
RBB Ardhub Tickle And Tease Me at Murron
BPB Boremlyn Heart Of Glass at Zilnor

1. Eastonite Chocolate Chip

2. Yakee Plays for Keeps
3. Oliveria Sartorius
4. Nerroli's Liquirice Twist

1. Gizyjo Rocky Marciano

2. Roalice The Maverick

3. Kaybull Moniques Moon River at Deollies
4. Ardhub Roger Dodger at Tartanpride

1. Celticlibrid Braveheart

All absent

1. CH Tulskaya Akvarel Darian de Trevil Bellicose

No entries

1. Oliveria Sartorius

1. Gizyjo Rocky Marciano

1. Ardhub Rodger Dodger at Tartanpride

1. Boremlyn Heart of Glass at Zilnor

All absent

1. Celticlibrid Breakthru

2. Ardhub Tickle and Tease at Murron

3. Roalice Mini Mouse
4. Labanjo Parisienne at Rustibee
5.Celticlibrid Killer Queen

1. Dalspa Sky Ryder Alsuma

1. Bariballe Fifi's Prima with Corursus ShCM

2. Eastonite Smarty Socks

3. Yoko Ono Taddy at Daniello
4. Ballinch Mon Petite of Baclaudi

1. Monica Belucci Msuria Miracle Bellicose
2. Shoebridge Saussignac at Kertesz

3. Gizyjo Miss Garbo
4. Daniello Amidale Padme
5. Calgacus Eithne

1. Celticlibrid Doreen

2. Portmain Sally Cinnamon Celtoclibrid
3. Yoko Ono Taddy at Daniello
4. Nkunde Twinkle

All absent

1. Dalspa Sky Ryder Alsuma

2. Freaky Babe Bulgot

1. Gizyjo Miss Garbo

2. Daniello Amidale Padme

3. Ballinch Mon Petite of Baclaudi

1. Ardhub Tickle and Tease Me at Murron

2. Shoebridge Saussignac at Kertesz

3. Nkund Twinkle


Best Dog: Cund & Harrop's - Chelmbull Moon Pilot
Reserve Best Dog: Tilley's - Mossport Michelangelo
Best Puppy Dog: Maxwell's - Eastonite Chocolate Chip
Best Bitch: Tilley's - Mossport Margarita
Reserve Best Bitch: Howarth's - Gizyjo Miss Garbo
Best Puppy Bitch: Gordon's - Labanjo Parisienne at Rustibee

BEST IN SHOW: Mossport Margarita

RESERVE BEST IN SHOW: Chelmbull Moon Pilot

BEST PUPPY IN SHOW: Eastonite Chocolate Chip

BEST VETERAN: Nokomis Whispering Breeze at Mayobie ShCM

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Judges Critique HERE

Minor Puppy Dog
Eastonite Chocolate Chip - Best Puppy Dog & BEST PUPPY IN SHOW

Merimna's Better Than Words

Puppy Dog
Minima Maxima Sunti

Siboveld's San Rafael

Junior Dog
Gizyjo Rocky Marciano

Nerroli The Sheriff

Yearling Dog
Goodbull Bob Marley

Nokomis Indian Music At Greusaiche

Post Graduate Dog
Sarabar Born To Bouggie In Tasdania

Nokomis Indian Music At Greusaiche

Open Dog
Chelmbull Moon Pilot - Best Dog & RESERVE BEST IN SHOW

Hadrurus Arizonenis at Oschalben

Special Open Pied Dog
Hadrurus Arizonenis at Oschalben

Minima Maxima Sunti

Special Open Brindle Dog
Mossport Michaelangelo - Reserve Best Dog

Minor Puppy Bitch
Dalspa Joy Ryder Alsuma

Ardhub Slapand Tickle

Puppy Bitch
Labanjo Parisienne at Rustibee - Best Puppy Bitch

Dalspa Sky Ryder Alsuma

Junior Bitch
Merimna's Starlight

Yearling Bitch
Mayobie Tamara Teacake

Goodbull Nora Batty

Post Graduate Bitch
Eastonite Smarty Socks

Desmognathus Ochrophaeus

Limit Bitch
Gizyjo Miss Garbo - Reserve Best Bitch

Sarabar Jewel Of The Mist

Open Bitch
Shoebridge Saussignac at Kertesz

Veteran Bitch
Nokomis Whispering Breeze at Mayobie ShCM - BEST VETERAN IN SHOW

Special Open Pied Bitch
Mossport Margarita - Best Bitch & BEST IN SHOW

Special Open Fawn Bitch
Ardhub Slapand Tickle

Labanjo Parisienne at Rustibee

Special Open Brindle Bitch
Shoebridge Saussignac at Kertesz

Desmognathus Ochrophaeus

MARCH 2014

The Pennine & Scottish French `Bulldog Association held their inaugural Open Show at Hurworth Grange Community Centre, County Durham on Sunday 23rd March. The judge, Mr Robin Searle, found his BIS in Ann Wildman’s Wildax Diana Ross. Res BIS was Mr & Mrs Longdon’s Alsuma Shady Squire and their bitch Alsuma Snowstorm was awarded Best Veteran. BP was Sonia Davis’s bitch Rowendale Teacake.

The show was well attended with many visitors and their dogs coming to watch and the atmosphere was warm and friendly. Everybody is looking forward to the next one in 2015 on March 12th and when there will also be a second Breed Open Show at the Richard Greenhow Centre in Gretna on July 19th.

The show was followed by the AGM when there was a change of Officers. Jackie Mavro-Michaelis is now Honorary Secretary and Paul Worsley Chairman. Paul will remain as Treasurer for the moment.

Kathy Ferguson is taking over as Membership Secretary and her contact details are available on the club website.

The membership voted in favour of the formation of a Breed Council and also, with KC approval, to reduce the Joint Membership fee to £12:00 from January 2015.

Open show correction
Please note Open Bitch at the 2014 Open Show was won by Kathy Ferguson's Crindle's Cheeky Girl ar Kertesz.

Open Show 2014 Critiques - 23/03/14

Pennine & Scottish French Bulldog Association held an open show where BIS was Wildax Diana Ross & BP Rowendale Teacake.

A very happy friendly show. Officers & committee working very well together. There are a lot of new exhibitors showing which gives a rosy future for the breed. Size seems to cover all degrees of the breed today. Temperament overall was very good. Thank you to everyone for such a lovely show.

MPD (6) 1 Ellison’s Maghullpaws Louis The Great, 8 months, balanced overall, square head, deep rib & solid body, good feet, hard strong loin, nice mouth; 2 Beale’s Cargray Here Comes The Sun, just a bit lighter in body, good front, nice ears & square jaw, moved well; 3 Gibson’s Daniello Ace Ventura. PD (2) 1 McMunn’s Goodbull Bob Marley, cobby with good body & hard short loin. Liked skull & round eyes. Nice outline & sound; 2 D Ace Ventura, just a bit larger & longer. Nice skull, round eye & arched neck. JD (4) 1 Tasker’s Sarabar Born To Bouggie in Tasdania, good size & substance, cobby body with balance & type. Square head at times just showing a little tongue. Sound free moving; 2 Ellis’ Pringham Promises to Ellsberry, liked head & square jaw. Also free easy mover. Just a little longer in body to 1; 3 McMunn’s Goodbull Will Young. PGD (4) 1 Morgan & Ling’s Norcairn Dark ‘N’ Debonair at Tytorro, good outline, excellent body & type, sound free moving. Good bone, rib & hard loin. Square head & round eye; 2 Wildman’s Wildax Smokey Robinson, compact with hard loin, nice feet & bat ears. Another with good outline. Not moving so freely; 3 Pott’s Derox Cheeky Philip. LD (5) 1 Tilley’s Mossport Michelangelo, moved so well. Square head, nice eye, bat ears with good mouth, cobby body, straight front & sensible calm temperament. RBD: 2 Wildman’s Wildax Doug Hyde, smaller but balanced. Liked head & expression. Compact with hard loin. Not moving so freely as 1. OD (3) 1 Longdon’s Alsuma Shady Squire, BD. Cobby, strong body but balanced & moves so well with ease. Square head with strong jaw, bat ears & round eyes. Full of himself; 2 Davis’ Rowendale Tom Joules, similar but just not so much of him. Nice type, head, front & temperament; 3 Bryant’s Risethor Tiger with Archness. OPD (2) 1 D Cheeky Philip, sensible solid temperament, liked square head, wide jaw & good bone. Moved well. For me rather heavy marked. Moved up from PGD. OFD (1) 1 D Ace Ventura. OBD (1) 1 R Tiger with Archness, moved up from OD. Like head, jaw & bone, good feet. I would like more of him overall.

MPB (11) 1 Davis’ Rowendale Teacake, BP, 6 months, lovely body shape, depth of rib with hard loin. Very attractive, square head with wide jaw. Showed very well. Sound. Most promising pup; 2 Kasprowicz’s Daniello Amidale Padme, 8 months, strong bone, cobby with nice neck & hard loin. Also showed & moved well. Balanced; 3 Ferguson’s Shoebridge Saussignac at Kertesz. PB (4) 1 D Amidale Padme; 2 McMunn’s Goodbull Nora Batty, nice front & rib, bat ears, round eye, excellent temperament, moved well; 3 Maxwell’s Eastonite Smarty Socks. JB (13) 1 Gill & Miles’ Squeezabull’s Colour Blind at Jehane, cobby outline, deep rib with hard loin which showed on the move. Sound & flowing. Square head, wide jaw & feet, nice size; 2 Miles’ Squeezabull’s The Obsession, very similar, not so positive showing. Good body, rib & topline, nice head & eye; 3 Fryer’s Tigrine Alexis Lavigne. PGB (11) 1 Kasprowicz’s Yoko Ono House Taddy at Daniello, good outline, body cobby, bat ears, flat skull, excellent rib & hard loin, moved very well; 2 Butterfield’s Gizyjo Almost An Angel at Chequerpei, excellent body condition, liked head, expression & wide jaw. Moved very well; 3 Smith’s Sarabar Jewel Of The Mist. LB (6) 1 Wildman’s Wildax Diana Ross, BB & BIS. Classic head & expression, deep body & rib, wide jaw, sound flowing movement. Calm sensible temperament. Shows so well; 2 Fletcher’s Wildax Billie Holiday, nice type, just a bit smaller to 1. Liked head, ears & wide jaw. Also sound; 3 Tilley’s Mossport Margarita. OB (1) 1 Asiamah’s Rowendale Jimmy Choo at Nasanga, nice type, moves very well in a typical good outline, rib & hard loin. Balanced overall with good bone & feet. VB (4) 1 Longdon’s Alsuma Snowstorm, very fit veteran. Moving with ease & purpose. Excels in body & type. Nice head, expression, bat ears & lovely round eyes; 2 Stansfield’s Nokomis Whispering Breeze at Mayobie, just a fraction smaller than 1 but nice shaped head, ears & jaw. Super body for size & also fit; 3 Tilley’s Zilnor Hallmark for Mossport. OPB (1) 1 Morgan & Ling’s Chalf’s Miss Kiki at Tytorro, moved up from PGB. Nice size, skull & bat ears. Nice round eye & rib. Sensible temperament. OFB (1) 1 Y Ono House Taddy at Daniello. OBB (7) 1 G Almost An Angel at Chequerpei; 2 D Ace Ventura; 3 S Saussignac at Kertesz.